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Consultation, Creation, Care

Interior & Exterior Botanical Design

for Urban Gardens


We can turn your space into an Urban Garden! 

Home or business, interior or exterior, we are here to assist you to achieve your botanical dreams, and offer consultation, design and installation. If you want an orchard on your balcony or desert in your foyer, we can make it happen!

We create botanical art- structures and sculptures that are foremost aesthetic, but also beneficial to the plant by recreating it's natural habitat and carefully engineered to be practical for domestic cultivation. 

We make all of these structures ourselves, with materials we grow, find or recycle. 

Other services offered include plant sitting-plant care when you're not there, urban garden maintenance, and accompanied visits to garden centers for advice and to help you choose your plants.

Advice and aftercare on all our plants and structures is available here... 

For us, how and why is as important as what we do.

We hope you enjoy our site,

and that you will want to create

your own

Petit Jardin!

For all inquiries please contact us.



“Petits Jardins not only sourced the most unique plant and advised on how to keep it healthy, they also went above and beyond by giving me tips on how to better care for my other plants. Looking forward to seeing their bespoke creations!”

K Aglugub, Haringey

“Oli's expert knowledge, great ideas, hard work and personality made him the perfect choice for my garden redesign. Highly recommended.”

A Blaazer, Catford

“Thank you SO much Oli and the team for creating something completely unique-exactly what I was looking for! The attention to detail on the air plant plinths show the care each item receives. Thank goodness we found you! Please don't leave it too long before returning to cast your expert eye over your handy work!! Many thanks again.”

L Hamilton-smith, The Cotswolds


Me VDIsere.jpeg

Oli here!

Horticulture, apart from just being a hobby, has always been a source of employment for me when it was quiet with my day- I've worked in a specilist Alpine Nursery, been a gardener for my own clients and as part of gardening companies, worked at florists and also as a Botanical Tour Guide. 

 My botanical love is Alpines-I built my first rockery when I should have been revising for my A-levels, then got a scholarship to go and see them in the wild  when I was 20. Since then my heart is in the mountains and the mountains are in my heart-I go there whenever I can. On each page there is a pic or two from my travels...they usually bear no relevance to the content of the page (!), but I feel privileged to have witnessed each scene, and want to share them with you in the hope they can inspire you too!


Happy gardening.... your fingers are greener than you think!

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