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 Petits Jardins are a company started by three musicians who found themselves looking at a bleak future with no work in the wake of the Corona virus.


'We went from doing five of six gigs a week in town between touring to five or six gigs a year! Even when restrictions were lifted in 2020, things were not back to normal, and it seems it will be a while before they are.

My hobby and passion outside music has always been botany, in particular alpine Plants-I go to the mountains whenever I get the time to see plants in the wild. I love the air, views, culture, food and wine, and seeing these plants -growing in their natural habitat....many are very are, only growing on certain mountains at certain altitudes-finding them is always a challenge!

    Because by necessity many grow small and compact, growing them at home, you can have a varied collection in a small area. This got me thinking.....

  I grew up on a farm, and always had fresh fruit and vegetables from my Dad's patch and my Grandfather's orchard of apples, pears, plums, damsons, raspberries....ahhh, i could go on! Anyway, a lot of these you could also grow on a small scale, so this also got me thinking-there's no reason why we couldn't have an interesting collection of plants plus some home grown produce in our urban gardens...even if you don't have a garden, there's a balcony or patio, plus a wealth of great stuff you can grow inside, and this is where the concept of Petits Jardins came from.

 I'd always been too busy to start planning a new enterprise to out this idea into practice, but with the lockdowns it seemed like the ideal time.

 I'd been working with Costa and Joe in bands for years, and I knew they were both pretty handy with a saw and drill, so suggested this idea to them, and we put a few pieces together, and we've been really pleased with the results.. As we've been designing and making our stuff, it's really given us a creative output that we've been missing. 

 We've also been creating things that I've been missing when gardening, so our stuff is also practical.

 At the same time, there seems to be a real interest in gardening and plants-I guess as everyone has been spending a lot of time ay home they've been looking for something to do! But this time it seems like they don't just want to stick a plant in the corner and forget about it-they want to know it's name, where it comes from, and how to propagate it.....and that's where we can help!'

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