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Air Plants-Tilandsia

A fantastic genus comprising of around 650 species of plants from the Americas, from the family Bromeliaceae, very versatile and useful for Interior design due to their lack of necessity of water and therefore a root ball-this means we can display them in ways we could do with no other plants. The majority are low maintenance (please visit their section on the Aftercare page for more details), and....they flower!

They are also a most fascinating genus due to their unusual and stylish shapes, and are as much a curiosity as aesthetically pleasing.


The Coco-Stand is fashioned from a a coconut husk as it's base, and coconut shells as pots/saucers to hold your Air Plants, or any other plant you desire. The plant is not attched to the shell, so is easy to remove for positioning or watering.

They were designed specifically with Tillandsia xerographica in mind to emulate a palm tree.


Small £35

-with Sm

T. xerographica £50


Medium £50

-with Med

T. xerographica £75


Large £70

-with Sm & Med

T. xerographica £110


Our plinths are all crafted entirely by us. They feature the farmers edge, a sanded edge, and a planed edge to offer a range of textures for the light to fall off. 

Our plinths come blank, and there are three options for our logo, please specify at checkout (standard is the printed logo, and if no specification they will come printed);

1. No logo

2. Printed logo

3. Logo on disk

Small -plinth only £15

-with Sm/Med Tillandsia species (please specify at checkout) £20

Medium -plinth only £20

-with Sm/Med Tillandsia species (please specify at checkout) £25

Large -plinth only £25

-with Lrg Tillandsia species (please specify at checkout) £35 


The majority of our plinths are made from English Oak grown on our family farm in the Cotswolds. We often get other tree species in though, so do look out for our latest pieces-each plinth is listed separately on Instagram, and sold on a first come first served basis.


No two plinths will be the same, but they are all individually numbered so if you do like a previous piece we can try to recreate this for you. 






Tower of Flower

Birch disks with aluminium wire that seemingly defy gravity are a great way to disply some of the smaller species of Tillandsia. 

Tower only £10

Single species Towers £15

Double Power Tower £20


T. Caput medusa


T. Cotton Candy


T. harrisii


     T. juncea

(Double Power)

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